Your Team of Cancer Providers

To a new cancer patient, there is a dizzying array of medical providers you interact with:

Medical Oncologist
This is what I do, and I jokingly referred to us as “drug dealers”. In reality, we are specialists in chemotherapy. We also generally serve as a patient’s cancer primary care physician (note that you still keep your original primary care physician for noncancer related matters) and coordinate many different services for patients. Some of us also practice hematology.
Radiation Oncologist
These docs attempt to kill off tumors with radiation.
You know what these guys do. Some surgeons are general surgeons, and some specialize in various body parts, such as gynecology, colon surgery, head/neck surgery, chest surgery.

Support Staff
Physician Assistants/Nurse Practioners
Social Workers
Billing Staff (these guys can be extraordinarily important even a year after your treatment is over due to the craziness of our medical billing system!)

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