As a cancer patient, I learned that coping with cancer or blood disorders requires far more than just medical care. Financial and emotional challenges can sometimes be just as significant as the medical ones. Yet, our medical system lacks support services for the management of insurance, bills, paperwork, and management of psychosocial components such as depression/anxiety. Many doctors even lack the time to address medical questions that are not directly related to the immediate medical challenge at hand.

To address this void, I offer a simple helpline service to patients suffering from cancer and blood disorders. You may contact me through this website through the link below with your contact information with any questions/concerns that are related to your condition. I will generally respond within three business days.  I will send you a free quotation for a consulting fee, if your question is a complicated one.

Note: Due to malpractice coverage restrictions, I am only able to answer medical questions for patients who are registered with my practice and are receiving in-person medical advice.  All other questions however, are welcome.


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